Daemonic Scythe

Daemonic Scythe
Physical Defense 48 Energy Defense 0
Dark Defense 0 Quantum Defense 0
Induction Defense 0 Entropy Defense 0
Radiation Defense 0 -
Strength Attribute Reflex Attribute Cognition Attribute Foresight Attribute
?? ? ? ?
Stamina Stat 21 Tenacity 35
Strength 50 Leech 10
Load 3 -

Daemonic Scythe is a Melee Weapon in Hellpoint.



Daemonic Scythe information

The Crook of a very malevolent shepherd used to catch and hang countless desperate victims.

The scythe is excruciatingly heavy but can deliver devastating blows. It is bothersome to swing standing still, but using rapid ground movements the fighter can use body weight transfer to his advantage.



Daemonic Scythe Locations

  • Can be found near the same area where the Vault Credentials B is located. It is located in a small room in the left of the room guarded by a few enemies.



Daemonic Scythe Abilities

  • ???
  • ???



Daemonic Scythe Notes and Tips




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