Body Modules are a type of Accessories in Hellpoint. Body Modules can be equipped in their designated inventory slot and provide different bonuses for the character. Below you can find a list with all the Body Modules in Hellpoint



All Body Modules in Hellpoint

Health Module

Provides a slight boost to Health
Allows expanding in 22p Health Points the Health capacity.

Can be found at Arcology Downtown, sector 2-3 way to pedestrian  
Antigravity Module

Increases maximum carrying capacity. 
Load +20P

1x can be found at Arisen Dominion, in the Arisen Palace area.
Photon Amplifier
Slightly boosts the light given off by the body suit. 1x can be found at Sohn District. Take Path 2 (Long Passage). Go through the opening. There is another opening to your left. Go inside the opening on your left. Go up using the magnetic. Jump to the roof of the building and pick up 1x Axion (444). Defeat the enemies on the roof. You can find 1x Axions (666). Walk to the left part of the building and jump over to reach the Photon Amplifier.
Protective Energy Module
Increases your equipment's protection against Light. 1x can be found at Arcology Underside. From the lower level next the Breach, go up using the magnetic lift to your right, and you will find it.
Stamina Module
Provides a slight boost to Stamina.

1x can be fond at Arcology Underside. After completing the Hell Hour Time event near to Central Mall breach go outside and head up using the stairs located in the middle of the room. Defeat 2x Shield Mini-Boss, 2x Radiation Viper and 1x Small Celestial Beast. Use the Quantum Light Omnicube to illuminate two hidden platforms leading to the top of the statue. There you will find it.

1x can be found at High Ateliers. Once you reach 100% data you'll be able to access the High Ateliers from the Embassy. Interact with the computer and the elevator will go up. Explore the room and Stabilize the Breach, read the message on the floor and cross the door. Go outside and go up the stairs. Drop into the room, and you will see a Tech station.  Interact with the switch. This will enable the bridge above you. Cross the bridge and on the following room you'll find it.

Strength Module
Provides a slight boost to Strength. Can be found at Ikari Walkways. After you defeat the Artillery Boss you can access an elevator on the back of the room that will lead you to Alma Mater Atrium. There you will be able to open a door leading back to the horde event at the end of the hall. Go up and continue. You will find an open room with a corpse on the stair. Near there is a secret room. You will find it inside the room 
Axion Condenser
Allows one to draw from the power of carried Axions to increase Reflex. My precious...

1x Can be found at Sohn District. Take the Path 2 (Long Passage), go through the opening. Use the stairs on the other side of the building. Go to the top, cross the bridge, go up the stairs and drop inside the room. There are many enemies inside the room and you can easily become overwhelmed. Try to stay on a corner of the room. Open the door, on the next room, and go there. Open the next door and fight 1x Lava Mini-Boss, and you will find 1x Axion Condenser.

1x can be found at Port Issoudun. Go through the tunnels, and then go down using the magnetic lift. When you enter the small room the floor will go down and you will be ambushed. Once you defeat all enemies go through the gap on the wall and you will find it.

Sinew Reinforcement
Perform more with less Stamina, but suffer from a weaker constitution.

Can be used to perform more with less Stamina, but suffer from a weaker constitution.

1x can be found inside a room at Shon District alley on Sohn District. To open the door, you need a Ministry Credentials.

Leech Enhancer
Is used to Increase the amount of Energy acquired when dealing melee damage.

1x can be found at Arisen Palace To see it in detail, check the Walkthrough.

1x can be found in a hidden area near Arisen Dominion Grand Gallery breach. To see it in detail, check the Walkthrough. 

Heavy Delivery
Heavy Delivery
Increases damage according to the weight that you are carrying. Also, makes you slower. Can be acquired at the beginning of the game at Embassy. Right after you leave the first room you'll find a computer on the left part of the corridor. Input the number "100408"
Decreases the effect of Radioactivity. Can be found at Sohn District (Pattern B) after the  Black Hole Door is open.
Reflex Module
Reflex Module
Provides a slight boost to Reflexes. Can be found at the Arcology Underside (Optional), Central Mall.


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