Basic Firearm Upgrade is an Upgrade in Hellpoint.

Basic Firearm Upgrade

Increase [x]
Physical Defense 



Basic Firearm Upgrade information

A very valuable product enhancer improves the potency of most firearms. Can be reinstalled on to any weapon of choice. Infuse with Axions to increase power.



Basic Firearm Upgrade Location/Where to find

  • In the next room after the room containing Vault Credentials B, there would be a room that would have a constant cliff, on both sides of the room there is a ladder at the end of the cliff. After climbing the ladder, to the far right of the platform will be a circular room and at the opposite end of the room will be the Basic Firearm Upgrade.
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Basic Firearm Upgrade Notes and tips

  • Upgrades increase of stats differs on the item and the upgrades level.



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