Abilities for Hellpoint are covered on this page. In Hellpoint, every melee weapon has their set of abilities. Player need to use their weapons more often to unlock those abilities.






Disciple Ferula  Tool Infusion Increase reach and power of weapon.
Upgrade Tenacity Damage + 5% Tenacity damage increase
Upgrade Energy + 5% maximum Energy
Disciple Potential Strong temporary defense boost
Increase Attack Speed +5% Attack Speed
Reduced Weight -5% Weapon Weight
Occult Seal A powerful occult deflagration
Lost Hatchet     Axe Throw A powerful astral axe throw.
Upgrade Stamina + 5% maximum Stamina
Upgrade Stamina Regain + 5% Stamina regain speed 
Piercing Rage  Temporarily increase tenacity damage.
Upgrade Attack Speed + 5% Attack Speed
Reduced Stamina Cost - 5% Reduced attack stamina cost
Berserker A fast fulry of rapid attacks.


Officer Glaive


Glaive Potential

Increase reach and power of weapon.

Upgrade Energy

+5% max energy.

Upgrade Damage

+5% Weapon damage increase

Pierce Dash Long range piercing dash attack.
Upgrade Attack Speed +5% Weapon attack speed.
Upgrade Health +5% Max health upgrade
Warrior Breath Temporary infinite stamina state.
Red Saber Saber Potential Temporary weapon daamage boost
Upgrade Stamina cost -5% Attack Stamina Cost
Upgrade Leech 5% energy weapon leech
Shredding Leap  
Upgrade Stamina + 5% maximum Stamina
Upgrade Energy +5% max energy.
Speed Up Drastically increase the attack speed

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